RZG Project & Task Manager

RZG Project Manager eases your work and project management. It has been developed for the staff and managers. It is useful and easy. You don't need any training and lesson even help manuals. Create your project, create your tasks and focus your main work. While working, mark your tasks and leave rest to RZG Project Manager: reports, diagrams and charts just a click away. RZG Project Manager thought everything on behalf of you.

RZG Project Manager not only use for personal assistance but also it can be used by teams. Managers can desing project and share their stuff to give work easily using import/export projects. Stuff and colleagues can easily take report only with one click and share to each other or their managers.

Go v1.0.1 (Freeware)
  • Task management
  • Task calendar
  • Daily, monthly and yearly view of task lists
  • Active, pending, completed and canceled tasks
  • Weekly and monthly charts that indicating daily busyness with percentage and different colors
  • Task notes
  • Search tasks
  • Print task tables
  • Recycle bin
  • Back-up
  • Password protection
  • Multi language (English and Turkish)

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Work Assistance v1.0.1 (30 $)
In addition to RZG Project Manager Go:
  • Multi user support
  • Multi project management
  • Gantt diagram (Monthly and daily)
  • Export project and task tables as a Word and Excel document
  • Export weekly and monthly chart as a image file
  • Export gantt diagram as a image file
  • Print task and project tables
  • Task and project notes
  • Import/Export projects
  • Back-up/Restore

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